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Daniel Rosefelt Appointed to Executive Committee of American Academy of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants

Mr. Rosefelt to Serve as Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

We are proud to announce our firm’s managing member Daniel Rosefelt’s appointment to the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Attorney-CPAs. As a voting member of the Academy’s Executive Committee, Mr. Rosefelt has been selected by the Academy’s Board of Directors to serve a one-year term as the Academy’s new Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. In addition to his new role as an officer of the Academy, he will continue his position as Chairman of the National Education Committee for the AAA-CPA.

With roots going back to the 1940s, the American Academy of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants is committed to safeguarding the right of the public to access the unique expertise of professionals who are or have been dually-qualified as Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants.

As Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Mr. Rosefelt will assist with the maintenance of the Academy’s books and records; keeping record of the proceedings of all meetings and votes of the Academy, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee; and keeping record of all matters of which a record shall be ordered by the Academy, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, or the President.