Family Hardships & Tax Problems

Personal hardships, such as the death of family member or spouse, can cause significant tax problems for individuals. The mental stress and anguish often causes taxpayers to neglect their tax obligations, leading to unfiled returns or unpaid tax debts. In addition,

Tax Family Issuesserious tax problems may result from the death of a family member that can be complex and often require a tax attorney experienced in resolving IRS tax and probate matters.

At Daniel Rosefelt & Associates, our professional dual licensed tax attorney and CPA understands the serious penalties and fines you can incur in these situations. Our firm is experienced in dealing with tax problems caused by family hardships.  We can advise you on the best course of action to minimize penalties and to ensure the most successful result in your case.

Help for Struggling Taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service may be willing to work with you to address issues that arise as the result of personal hardships and family situations. Options available include:

  • For issues with back taxes owed: The IRS may be willing to set up payment arrangements with you to address back taxes. We may also be able to submit on your behalf an Offer in Compromise, allowing you to settle your tax debt for less than what you currently owe.  In some cases, taxes, interest and penalties may even be dischargeable in bankruptcy.
  • For issues with tax levies and liens: If a levy on your wages or bank accounts is creating a financial hardship, we may be able to arrange alternate payment arrangements and have the levy released. If a lien is in place on property you need to sell, we may be able to obtain a certificate of discharge of the lien or a certificate of subordination so you can refinance the property.

For issues with unfiled tax returns: If you have many years of unfiled tax retuns, it is important to contact our dual licensed tax attorney & CPA right away. We can assist you in obtaining misisng information, , prepare your tax returns, make a voluntary disclosure and potentially avoidcriminal prosecution.

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If you are facing hardships that have potential tax implications, contact the law office of Daniel Rosefelt & Associates right away. Our team of experienced tax professionals, including our principal attorney who is dual licensed as a tax attorney and a CPA, can assist you in solving your tax problems, and ensuring your rights and interests are protected. Our office serves Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Florida and client throughout the United States; call or contact our office online today to request a confidential case consultation.