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Unfiled Tax

Delinquent returns are closely examined and scrutinized by the IRS; preparing and filing them requires an extra level of care and accuracy guided by an experienced tax Attorney-CPA.

Tax Relief & Tax

Do you have significant tax debts? Is an IRS Revenue Officer knocking on your door? Whether it’s an Offer In Compromise, Payment Plan, Penalty Abatement, or Levy/Lien release, our experienced tax attorneys can help find the best solution for you. 

Tax Audits &

If your personal or business tax return is selected for examination, you need a team of Attorney-CPAs that can level the playing field. 

offshore tax
Offshore Tax
Compliance Issues

If you have unreported offshore income, assets, or financial accounts, getting into compliance can be confusing and stressful. Our team of attorneys regularly advise clients about the use of the IRS Streamlined Filing Procedure and/or Voluntary Disclosure Practice to avoid civil and criminal liability.

employment taxes
Employment &
Payroll Taxes

Are you or your business behind on payroll tax filings or deposits? Employment/payroll tax enforcement is a top priority of the IRS. We work diligently to develop a solution to resolve the tax problem and protect you, your business, and assets. 

tax litigation

If you’ve received an IRS Statutory Notice of Deficiency or need to file an Administrative Appeal from an IRS audit or examination, our tax attorneys have many years of experience in successfully resolving U.S. Tax Court cases and IRS Administrative Appeals.

tax fraud
Tax Fraud &

If you’re concerned about an IRS criminal investigation, experienced legal counsel can make the difference between successfully resolving your case or facing serious criminal tax consequences. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

tax bankruptcy
Tax Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Few professionals are aware that taxes can often be discharged in Bankruptcy. Our Attorneys have significant experience in navigating the complex rules for discharge of taxes in bankruptcy.


Step 1:

Free Case Review

Call today to see if you qualify for a free case review. A member of our team will confidentially discuss your case to determine how best we can assist you.

Step 2:


Once you engage our firm, your case is assigned to an experienced Tax Attorney who will be responsible for your case. They will conduct a detailed investigation and evaluation of your case to determine all of your realistic options for resolving your unique tax problem.

Step 3:


During the Resolution phase of your case, your tax attorney will proceed with the work on your case. As the case commences, we advocate on your behalf to secure the best possible resolution outcome. We will identify and consider your specific goals throughout the resolution phase and provide detailed updates as the work is completed.

Step 4:

Path to Freedom

The final step in your case is execution of your tax resolution plan which will help you achieve freedom from your tax related problems. Upon implementation and/or completion of your resolution plan, your case is closed and your attorney will advise you of how to stay compliant in the future. We strive to provide the tools and information necessary for you to avoid future tax related issues.


We represent clients throughout the U.S. and internationally. Due to COVID-19, we now offer remotely accessible tax resolution legal assistance.

personalized service


We have unparalleled perspective and cross-training in both tax, accounting and law that enables us to view tax and financial problems from every angle.

multidisciplinary icon


Our team uses a hands-on approach to evaluate all of your viable options, assist in resolving your tax issues and then implement your strategic plan/defense, keeping you informed at every step.

strategically located


Located within the Washington DC Metro Area, we are in close proximity to the IRS National Headquarters and the US Tax Court.


Our team of Dual Licensed Attorney-CPA’s and other tax professionals have successfully resolved numerous complex tax problems including unfiled tax returns, large tax debts, IRS audits, and unreported offshore assets. Our founder, Daniel Rosefelt Attorney-CPA has more than 30 years of experience in protecting his clients’ reputations, homes, savings and livelihoods. 


Rosefelt Tax Law is not a tax relief or tax resolution company. We are a real law firm where your case is always handled by an experienced tax attorney or dual licensed tax attorney-CPA. If tax problems are keeping you awake at night, call us today to start sleeping tonight.

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