IRS Increases Visits to High-Income Taxpayers Who Haven’t Filed Tax Returns

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced on February 19, 2020, that it will increase face-to-face visits with high income individuals that have unfiled tax returns.  The IRS will work with taxpayers who use their best efforts to file old taxes and bring themselves back into compliance.  The IRS will also aggressively target taxpayers who are not filing their old tax returns.    

Even if the taxpayer will owe back taxes, it is important that the taxpayer file their old tax returns as soon as possible.  Once the taxpayer is in compliance with their back taxes, the IRS has many options to pay their back taxes such as installment agreements and offers in compromise.

If a revenue officer visits a taxpayer’s house or place of business, this is not a scam.  After sending letters without a response, the IRS can show up unannounced.  They will provide two forms of credentials and work with taxpayers to understand their tax situation.  It is important that a taxpayer have an experienced licensed representative present whenever a revenue officer is interviewing them.                 

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